Dialogue for Grande and Petit Organ

This nice composition was made by Rob Landes, “Dialogue for Grande and Petit Orgels”. Performers: Rob Landes, petit organ; Jim Roman, grande organ. St. Luke’s United Methodist Church, Houston, TX is proud to debuts its new Orgelkids USA organ. Organist and Artist-In-Residence, Rob Landes, and Associate Organist, Jim Roman, combine

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Voluntary for Do-organ

Orgelkids is also active in Hungary. Every year the “Night of the Organs” is held there, with concerts in all kinds of churches across the country. This year, two concerts were also given with the Doe organ

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Orgelkids and GdO

On 31 July 2023, Lydia Vroegindeweij presented her project Orgelkids at this year’s meeting of the German Society of Organ Friends (Tagung der Gesellschaft der

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Tune for Orgelkids

Who wants to promote a beautiful instrument needs a nice tune. Orgelkids is very happy that Bart Wuilmus composed a special melody that can be

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European Award for Orgelkids

Orgelkids has been voted: Religious Heritage Innovator of the Year 2022! This award was presented by the organisation Future for Religious Heritage (FRH), a European project to promote heritage conservation.

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