Happy 10th Birthday Do-organ!

Orgelkids’ first Do-Organ is 10 years old! On 28 April 2013, our very first organ kit was ready. In October 2012, Orgelkids founder Lydia Vroegindeweij met organ builder Wim Jansen and was delighted by his prototype of a small organ that children can assemble. Over the winter, Wim built three improved ones of this concept. He used good materials that are also used in large organs, such as oak, felt and sheep leather. One of these organ kits was for Orgelkids.
On the occasion of the 10th anniversary, Lydia and Wim congratulated each other on the wonderful development of our project.

The first Do-organ for Orgelkids.

The prototype.

Evolution of the traveling boxes

A funny fact is that the organ itself is less modified than its travelling case. Here you can see some changes through the years.

The box of the prototype.
The first Orgelkids box.
Lettering the box.
Handpainted finishing of the logo.
Both Orgelkids organs in travel boxes.
Our treasures: two organs.
The save flight cases from Pelican/Verschueren.
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