Organ bikes

Technology constantly challenges new technology. The centuries-long development of organ building is proof of this. Just as challenging appears to be the Do-organ. The small organ has bellows for manual wind supply. But can it be done differently? By pedalling a bicycle, for example? This challenge turned into a beautiful relay race! 

Dutch organbuilders started

Verschueren Organ builders experimented with building an organ bicycle just for fun in their spare time in 2019. The aim was to provide the Do-organ with wind with the help of a bike. It worked fine, but it was like a home trainer, an exercise bike in a fixed position.

Orgelkids USA picked up the challenge

The team at Orgelkids USA saw that challenge in 2021. Could it be possible that the organ bike actually make a ride? Yes! With a driver and an organist in physical interaction, the Do-organ can now make music on the go.

And so did Orgelkids Ankenes in Norway

In December 2022 Orgelkids Ankenes (NO) launched its very special extension to the Do-organ: the ‘orgelsykkel’ (organ bike).

(More pictures here.)

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