First outdoor event Orgelkids China

Orgelkids China is looking forward to setting up a kit and creating and playing Bach’s music with young organists.

The Mini Music Festival will take place in Shanghai on the 23th and 24th of September 2023.


Mini Music Festival in Shanghai

As a mini music festival planned and launched by Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall in 2013, it has been held for 7 times. Different from other classical music festivals in Shanghai, the mini music festival has established a “thematic” festival feature since its inception. Every year, it holds 3 concerts, 3 lectures and other related activities with a theme, allowing Shanghai music fans to develop a more complete understanding of a certain music theme from the shallower to the deeper. This is also the first music festival in the Shanghai theater industry that is both academic and artistic.

The little organ kit invites you

Hi friends,
How have you been?
My itinerary has been quite rich recently. But not only in concert halls. I will also meet you soon outdoors.
That’s right! I will participate for the very first time in a professional classical music festival. I will be at Shanghai Cadillac·Shanghai Concert Hall mini music festival “Bach Project”!

Johann Sebastian Bach was the most outstanding musician in the history of Western classical music Bach brought the creation and performance of organ music to the pinnacle of heights. Therefore Bach is also known as “Father of the Organ”. So I can be in close contact with Bach. And of course will be at the event too!

An outdoor music market that is fun to listen to, watch, fun and learn is here.
This will be my first time hosting an offline meetup outdoors! Let’s go on a date with music and flowers! I’d love to meet everyone!

More information on the website of the organisation.

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