Bach Mini Music Festival

Last weekend, the Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall enriched the musical lives of the city’s residents in an unprecedented outdoor market format. The theme of this event was the Bach Mini Music Festival.

They specially invited the organ, an instrument inseparable from Bach, to the scene, presenting traditional instruments to the public’s view. A highlight of the event was the invitation for the attending citizens to participate in assembling the “LEGO of the musical instrument world”: Orgelkids! In the educational and fun assembly workshop, dozens of “organ builders” successfully assembled a small mechanical organ!

For the first time, Orgelkids China crafted a concept replicating a medieval organ, integrating ancient percussion instruments. Together with the builders, they formed an ensemble and performed the traditional English folk song “Greensleeves.”

Orgelkids not only unlocked a new outdoor setting but also introduced the long history of the organ and its various forms over different historical periods to the Shanghai citizens through its endlessly fun assembly activities. The ingenious ideas brought by Orgelkids have nurtured the flower of creativity, adding vibrant colors to the Bach Mini Music Festival.

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