Building a pipe organ is fun! Many children all over the world already built the Orgelkids ‘organ in a box’. Our so called ‘Do-organ’ (which means: not just for demonstration, but to do something yourself) is a big success in many countries. We proudly present pictures and results from all Orgelkids projects.


Kids took over the organ

Victoriahavn orgelklubb – the organ club in Ankenes (Narvik) Norway and the cantor organist Øivind Bakken with friends visits different areas around Narvik. He has

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Organ bikes

n December 2022 Orgelkids Ankenes (NO) launched its very special extension to the Do-organ: the organ bike.

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Organ camp on Tjörn

The annual International Organ Festival in Gothenburg (Sweden) also has a ‘small organ festival’ with a specific offer for young people. In 2023, besides organ-building


For every child

September 10, 2023, Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Pennsylvania (PA). Two special young boys enjoyed Orgelkids this morning. They both needed some help assembling the organ,


Bach Mini Music Festival

Last weekend, the Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall enriched the musical lives of the city’s residents in an unprecedented outdoor market format. The theme of this



Educational projects working with the Orgelkids organ kit can be found in many countries: