Happy New Year!

Although world unity at the beginning of 2023 is unfortunately not so strong as to preserve world peace, we feel lucky that music, and organ music in particular, brings us together. Across the borders of countries, nations and continents we know how to unite in a common mission: to introduce children to one of the most beautiful instruments, the pipe organ!


A new medium

At the beginning of this new year, we are launching a new news medium about organs and children: Orgelkids Blog. Our goal is to inspire organists, organ builders and anyone who loves organs to make the organ accessible to youth. Giving you the inspiration how to share a first spark to light the fire of love for the organ. Inviting children to learn how to play and bring this special cultural heritage to sound now and in the future.

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Organ camp on Tjörn

The annual International Organ Festival in Gothenburg (Sweden) also has a ‘small organ festival’ with a specific offer for young people. In 2023, besides organ-building


For every child

September 10, 2023, Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Pennsylvania (PA). Two special young boys enjoyed Orgelkids this morning. They both needed some help assembling the organ,


Bach Mini Music Festival

Last weekend, the Cadillac Shanghai Concert Hall enriched the musical lives of the city’s residents in an unprecedented outdoor market format. The theme of this



Educational projects working with the Orgelkids organ kit can be found in many countries: