Bach’s music on Orgelkids organ

If you say ‘organ music’, you’ll think ‘Bach!’

Of course! Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) composed so much wonderful music for organ that we have to connect our little Do-organ to his music. And so did composers from our time! In 2019 we invited them to take part in an international composition contest for the 10 year anniversary of Orgelkids. One category was about arrangements of classical pieces for this organ with 2 octaves and two stops.

You can download the sheet-music of the winning compositions and many more for free on our website.

1: Anders Börjesson (Sweden) – Two Bach-Classics & Kleine Bach-Paraphrase
2: Christaan Ingelse (the Netherlands) – Gavotte uit de Franse Suite No.5 – J.S. Bach
3. Dick Sanderman (the Netherlands) – Sinfonia from Cantata 156 – J.S. Bach


Composers playing their compositions

Bachs Passacaglia in c

In our special performance Martin & Martin in november 2023 in de Dom church in Utrecht music was used to illustrate certain periods of time in history. Bachs Passacaglia in c was used to illustrate a scene of the baroque era. First played on the Do-organ and taken over by the big Bätz organ. Here are some fragments of this performance.

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